Little Nation accepts payment via Credit Card, PayPal, ZipPay, AfterPay or store credit.

We, unfortunately, do not accept Diners Club cards, cheques or direct deposits as payment.

Having trouble paying with your credit card?

Sometimes, credit card transactions may be declined. The most common reasons for a declined credit card are:

  1. You may be leaving gaps when entering the credit card number.
  2. Your credit card may have expired. Please double check your details are valid.
  3. You may have exceeded your credit card limit. Please check with the card issuer if you have sufficient funds in your account.

Having trouble paying with your Paypal account?

Occasionally there may be an issue with your Paypal account and payment being communicated to our system. If this happens, we suggest you try again - as the problem will normally fix itself.

Your order may not be accepted if the postal address entered does not match what is found in Australia Post's system.

Please check that your address details are correct, as they may be slightly different to how you know them. Check your postcode with Australia Post's system by clicking here.

For any of the above reasons, if you continue to experience issues while trying to confirm your order please contact us via one of the methods below and we will be happy to assist you.